Formatting Reports

We recently made the shift to LaTeX for all of our reports, and Overleaf has helped to make that a very smooth transition. The incorporation of LaTeX has helped us to generate high-quality .pdf’s with a marked increase in interactive content. In…


Digital Repository

Once our 3D scans are processed, we are uploading them to Zenodo where they are curated and made available for future analyses (i.e., download our data here!). Each scan is assigned a digital object identifier (DOI), is linked to the…


3D Models

Access and manipulate our models on Sketchfab! Our goal is to make these data as easily accessible and wide-reaching as possible. These scans, along with their associated metadata, are being curated in Zenodo, and are also accessible in CRHR:ARCHIVE.



On Interactive 3D Models and Descendant Communities

We are combining the utility of Sketchfab and Facebook to bring interactive 3D models to the Caddo Nation’s membership.

New Open Access Article on CRHR Research Reports

There is a new open access (freely downloadable) article available on CRHR Research Reports! Link to the article here, or click on the image of the first page below.


American Antiquities Act: Case Law

Network analysis gives us a new way to look at how the different sections of the American Antiquities Act have been used in the same cases.


Whack-a-Mole: Backyard GPR and Bioturbation

Following a recent ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey, I came home late to discover yet another mole run in our side yard. This has become something of a common occurrence, and while the mole(s) that live in our back yard have…

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Network Analysis and Caddo Vessel Form/Type

Through the use of network analysis, we can better view how vessel forms and types articulate. This is helping us to further our understanding of ceramic variation and change throughout the ancestral Caddo territory.

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Exploring Caddo Decorative Elements with a Laser Profilometer

Using a laser profilometer, we are beginning to explore the morphology of specific decorative elements used by prehistoric Caddo potters. Employing geometric morphometrics, we are exploring whether we might be able to see differences between groups of Caddo makers.

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